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A Psychological and Practical Guide
by Joseph A. Ilardo, PhD, LCSW
ISBN: 978-1-889242-04-0 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-04-7, $29.95, hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-889242-05-7 / ISBN: 1-889242-05-5, $14.95, paperback
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Written from the perspective of a mental health professional, an educator, and an adult child of aging parents, As Parents Age is full of down-to-earth advice that considers all sides. Whatever your present situation, you will find guidance and reassurance within these pages. Helpful checklists and worksheets increase the chance that future decisions will be right for both you and your aging parent.

"Because I am a practicing geriatrician, I expected only to skim As Parents Age. I was wrong. This book hooked me. It is full of specific strategies and information that make life easier and more enjoyable for aging parents and their children."—William H. Thomas, M.D., Founder of the Eden Alternative and Author of Life Worth Living

"Informative guide to … the biological, psychological, economic, medical, legal, and personal issues involved in caring for older parents (or friends)—timely and enlightening."Booklist

"I'm a gerontologist as well as publisher of the Boomer Times, so I've seen just about every book on this topic, and this may be the best I've seen. It provides real help for people grappling with these issues."—Anita Finley, Publisher of Boomer Times & Senior Life

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