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Buy Me Button Are Your Parents Driving You Crazy? Getting to Yes with Competent Aging Parents, Second Edition by Joseph A. Ilardo, PhD, LCSW, and Carole R. Rothman, PhD. (ISBN: 978-1-889242-18-7 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-18-7, $16.95, paperback) Mother or father still driving? refusing in-home help? involved in a questionable romance? Practical self-help guide provides step-by-step approach to resolving such dilemmas. Chapters also include communicating effectively, breaking impasses, and taking care of yourself in the process. Award-winning first edition expanded to include information about avoiding common errors, forming a caring partnership with aging parents, and deciding whether assisted living facilities are right for your situation.

Buy Me Button As Parents Age: A Psychological and Practical Guide by Joseph A. Ilardo, PhD, LCSW (ISBN: 978-1-889242-04-0 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-04-7, $29.95, hardcover; ISBN: 978-1-889242-05-7 / ISBN: 1-889242-05-5, $14.95, paperback) Practical and compassionate advice on how to talk with aging parents about the future, and to be prepared for what may lie ahead. Self-Help Book of the Year (ForeWord Magazine).

Buy Me Button Breakaway Laughter: How to Lighten Up—Despite It All by Nan L. Crockett (ISBN: 978-1-889242-22-4 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-22-5, $12.95, paperback original) Feeling a little stressed? It’s never too late to lighten up! The trick is to know how. Here is a funny book with serious benefits. Stress-management expert Nan Crockett demonstrates the work she has done on her own hot buttons, learning to set boundaries, to recognize faulty reasoning, and much more. Written in a casual, irreverent style, this book will leave you laughing and thinking.

Buy Me Button Bring Me the Ocean: Nature as Teacher, Messenger, and Intermediary by Rebecca A. Reynolds (ISBN: 978-0-9641089-2-9 / ISBN-10: 0-9641089-2-5, $21.95, hardcover) Inspirational true stories about the emotionally and spiritually healing gifts of nature. Multi-award winning, and the only book on the program Animals As Intermediaries.
Buy Me Button Audiobook read by the author: Bring Me the Ocean: The Natural World as Healer (ISBN: 978-1-889242-01-9 / ISBN-10:1-889242-01-2, $18.95, 2 cassettes)

Buy Me Button But This Is My Mother! The Plight of Our Elders in American Nursing Homes by Cynthia Loucks (ISBN: 978-1-889242-13-2 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-13-6, $21.95, hardcover; ISBN: 978-1-889242-12-5 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-12-8, $14.95, paperback) A compelling personal story filled with sound advice for anyone with a loved one in a nursing home. Foreword by National Citizens' Coalition for Nursing Home Reform. Winner of two Book of the Year Awards (Consumer Health and Public Interest) from the American Journal of Nursing.

Buy Me Button Final Conversations: Helping the Living and the Dying Talk to Each Other by Maureen P. Keeley, PhD and Julie M. Yingling, PhD (ISBN: 978-1-889242-30-9 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-30-6, $24.95, hardcover) This book speaks to people of all ages who find themselves having to say goodbye to loved ones over the course of minutes, days, or many months. Direct quotations from people who have engaged in final conversations merge with advice about what may work for the reader.

Buy Me Button For the Love of Teaching: And Other Reasons Teachers Do What They Do Interview Portraits by Ira D. Shull (ISBN: 978-1-889242-03-3 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-03-9, $23.95, hardcover) Who are these people in charge of our kids every day, and why do they do it? Teachers from many different educational settings talk about their choices.

Buy Me Button Front of the Class: How Tourette Syndrome Made Me the Teacher I Never Had by Brad Cohen with Lisa Wysocky (ISBN: 978-1-889242-24-8 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-24-1, $22.95, hardcover) As a child with Tourette syndrome, Brad Cohen was ridiculed, beaten, mocked, and shunned. Even today he is ejected from movie theaters and restaurants. Has it stopped him? Not on your life. This story of unwavering determination proves anyone can make their dreams come true. Book concludes with 23 motivational tips on living with a disability.

Buy Me Button The Glory Walk: A Memoir by Cathryn E. Smith (ISBN: 978-1-889242-17-X / ISBN-10: 1-889242-17-9, $22.95, hardcover) This creative memoir celebrates the family love and human spirit that triumph in the face of Alzheimer’s disease.

Buy Me Button Hidden in Plain Sight: Getting to the Bottom of Puzzling Emotions by Barry Grosskopf, M.D. (ISBN: 978-1-889242-29-3 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-29-2, $16.95, trade paperback) Become the conscious author of your own healing story by knowing your forebears’ pain.

Buy Me Button How to Enjoy Your Retirement: Activities from A to Z —Third Edition by Tricia Wagner and Barbara Day (ISBN: 978-1-889242-28-6 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-28-4, $16.95, paperback) A great gift for people in their fifties, sixties, and seventies. All-in-one collection of more than 1,000 fun, inspiring ideas for making retirement happy and rewarding.

Buy Me Button How to Feel GOOD As You Age: A Voice of Experience by John Barnett (ISBN: 978-1-889242-07-1 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-07-1, $24.95, hardcover; ISBN: 978-1-889242-08-8 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-08-X, $12.95, paperback) A cancer survivor and a lay minister, an ombudsman and a bereavement worker, John Barnett fills this book with sensitive advice on the legal, physical, and spiritual aspects of aging. Learn how to lengthen your living years and shorten your dying years.

Buy Me Button Husbands and Wives All These Years: From Caring to Caretaking by Lillian S. Hawthorne (ISBN: 978-1-889242-23-1 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-23-3, $12.00, paperback) Along with the author’s descriptions of patterns that emerge from studying couples in long-term marriages, the book includes brief interviews with over 20 couples and results in a heartfelt look at the realities of aging in long-term marriages.

Buy Me Button If Kallimos Had a Chef: Natural Recipes for a Natural World by Debra Stark (ISBN: 978-1-889242-15-6 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-15-2, $14.95, paperback) Over 200 recipes for people who like to eat all the food groups but want only natural ingredients.

Buy Me Button In the Arms of Elders: A Parable of Wise Leadership and Community Building by William H. Thomas, M.D. (ISBN: 978-1-889242-10-1 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-10-1, $14.95, paperback) The healing power of community comes through in this adventure story about a place where the wisdom of the elders has made a life worth living for all (parable formerly called “Learning from Hannah”). Book ends with information on the real-world acceptance of the Eden Alternative and the Green House models for improving life for the elderly.

Buy Me Button Learning from Hannah: Secrets for a Life Worth Living by William H. Thomas, M.D. (ISBN: 978-1-889242-09-5 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-09-8, $21.95, hardcover) An adventure story about a place where the wisdom of the elders has made a life worth living for all. IPPY (Independent Publisher) Award Finalist in visionary fiction.

Buy Me Button Life Worth Living: How Someone You Love Can Still Enjoy Life in a Nursing Home—The Eden Alternative in Action by William H. Thomas, M.D. (ISBN: 978-0-9641089-6-7 / ISBN-10: 0-9641089-6-8, $17.95, paperback) The only book on the Eden Alternative approach to improving life for our elderly. Specific guidelines for fighting loneliness, helplessness, and boredom in nursing homes. A Book of the Year in Gerontological Nursing (American Journal of Nursing).

Buy Me Button Retired with Husband: Superwoman’s New Challenge by Mary Louise Floyd (ISBN: 978-1-889242-26-2 / ISBN: 1-889242-26-8, $24.95, hardcover) Witty, optimistic blueprint for boomer superwomen to succeed with hubby in second adulthood.

Buy Me Button Rosie's Place: Offering Women Shelter and Hope by Andrea Cleghorn (ISBN: 978-0-9641089-9-8 / ISBN-10: 0-9641089-9-2, $23.95, hardcover)The inspiring stories of courage, survival, and compassion behind the success of this prototype shelter for women in the United States.

Buy Me Button The Sacred Rules of Management: How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Work by Stanley E. Smith (ISBN: 978-0-9641089-7-4 / ISBN-10: 0-9641089-7-6, $17.95, hardcover) The 110 time-tested basics that lead to a balanced life but that companies forget to teach alongside their job-specific rules.

Buy Me Button Sisters and Brothers All These Years: Taking Another Look at the Longest Relationship in Your Life by Lillian S. Hawthorne (ISBN: 978-1-889242-19-4 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-19-5, $9.95, paperback) A heartfelt look at the dynamics of lifelong sibling relationships with a special focus on their meaning in later years.

Buy Me Button Something's Not Right: One Family's Struggle with Learning Disabilities by Nancy Lelewer (ISBN: 978-0-9641089-05 / ISBN-10: 0-9641089-0-9, $21.95, hardcover; ISBN: 978-0-9641089-1-2 / ISBN-10: 0-9641089-1-7, $14.95, paperback) Fast-paced, compelling true story of a dyslexic mother's determination to get her own learning-disabled children a good education. Learn some of the warning signs and where to go for help. Parents' Choice Approval.

Buy Me Button The Truth About You: Things You Don’t Know You Know by Mary M. Bauer (ISBN: 978-1-889242-27-9 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-27-6, $19.95, hardcover) Spiritually uplifting book busts over 50 myths that keep us from finding success and happiness through each choice we make.

Buy Me Button What Kids REALLY Want to Ask: Using Movies to Start Meaningful Conversations—A Guidebook for Parents and Children Ages 10 – 14 by Rhonda A. Richardson, PhD and A. Margaret Pevec, MA (ISBN-13: 978-1-889242-31-6, $12.95, trade paperback) Kids’ own questions lead to the talking points in this guidebook, which suggests age-appropriate movies and additional activities to help parents and kids have meaningful conversations.

Buy Me Button What Are Old People For? How Elders Will Save the World by William H. Thomas, M.D. (ISBN: 978-1-889242-20-X / ISBN-10: 1-889242-20-9, $24.95, hardcover; ISBN: 978-1-889242-32-3 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-32-2, $16.95, paperback) Written by a specialist in aging, this book draws upon popular culture, history, science, and literature to create a strong vision for a future in which old age becomes a healing force in our society. Dr. Thomas shows us how we can abolish today’s version of nursing homes and develop the capacity for peacemaking and wisdom giving that grows within older people. Green Houses, communities where older people live together intentionally, bring meaning and worth to the last half of life.

Buy Me Button Widow Words: 100 Simple Pieces of Advice from Another Widow by Marcia A. Curran (ISBN: 978-1-889242-33-0 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-33-0, $15.95, hardcover) Simple, practical, and empathetic advice for new widows, written by a widow based on notes she made while grieving the loss of her own husband. One idea per page—undemanding and bittersweet.

Buy Me Button A Year of Sundays: Taking the Plunge (and Our Cat) to Explore Europe by Edward D. Webster (ISBN: 978-1-889242-21-7 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-21-7, $24.95, hardcover) A people-pleasing travel memoir in which the author and his blind wife take a year’s sabbatical with their 16-year-old cat to do the grand tour of Europe. Kitty lit, a love story, a culinary tour, and more!

Buy Me Button You’re Only Young Twice: 10 Do-Overs to Reawaken Your Spirit by Ronda Beaman, EdD (ISBN: 978-1-889242-25-5 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-25-X, $14.95, paperback). A wonder-filled ride to reawaken youthful traits of resilience, optimism, wonder, curiosity, joy, humor, music, work, play, learning. Across all, love.

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