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Taking the Plunge (and Our Cat) to Explore Europe
by Edward D. Webster
ISBN: 978-1-889242-21-7 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-21-7, $24.95, hardcover
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A Year of Sundays is a travel memoir—and kitty lit, a love story, and a culinary tour. The author, Edward Webster (a city official in California) and Marguerite, his blind wife, feel blue about the humdrum routine their lives have turned into. Dreaming of life without a schedule, they decide to put jobs on hold and dally for an entire free-floating year in Europe—and to take their 16-year-old cat with them. Not only is the voyage a triumph as cross-cultural exploration, with locals beguiled by Marguerite's special brand of sightseeing, but the year shores up subtly, beautifully the Websters' love for each other. Hereís honest high adventure during the sort of Grand Tour many people wish they could take but never get around to. And through it all, in France, Holland, Austria, Greece, Italy, and Spain, the Websters prove the adage that wherever you go there you are, and the cat named Felicia makes each place a home.

A Year of Sundays has the double appeal of two dreams fulfilled…Their voyage of discoveries was a triumphant success…a poignant and inspiring chronicle.” — Chuck Champlin, retired Arts Director and Critic at Large for the Los Angeles Times

“I finished the book last weekend, but didnít want it to end! My dream is to take a year off, as Ed and Marguerite did, and kiss the U.S. good-bye for 12 months. Maybe when the kids get through college…Thanks for a wonderful read!” — Marianne Bohr, VP marketing, National Book Network

“Wonderful armchair reading—a year out of the rat race…filled with asides on how Europeans live…An excellent gift to someone planning a European trip or a year out.” — The International Writers Magazine: Hackwriters.com

Finalist for Book of the Year in Travel Essays
ForeWord Magazine

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