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100 Simple Pieces of Advice from Another Widow
by Marcia A. Curran
ISBN: 978-1-889242-33-0 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-33-0; $15.95, hardcover
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Table of ContentsIntroduction by the Author
ExcerptsSample Pieces of Advice
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If you are recently widowed, one idea per page may be all the words you want to read just now. The thoughts in this book range from the kind of practical advice to bittersweet humor that only another widow could come up with to help at this time of personal turmoil. The surrounding space on each page is there to keep things simple, but you may also wish to write your own notes on some pages that have special meaning for you.

Widow Words is a gift, for every widow in the early months and years of grieving. Each page stands alone, and offers concrete advice and encouragement. The reader sighs in relief, as she realizes, ‘The author knows how I feel. She tells me what to expect, and how I might handle each situation.’ . . . The beauty of this book lies in the author’s ability to say so much in a few words . . . The author has a soft and gentle touch. At times there is a hint of humor, bringing a smile, if only inside . . . This book will be read over and over, with new insights from each reading.” —Marta Felber, grief counselor, widow, and author of Finding Your Way After Your Spouse Dies and Grief Expressed When a Mate Dies.

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