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Things You Don't Know You Know
by Mary M. Bauer
ISBN: 978-1-889242-27-9 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-27-6, $19.95, hardcover
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With The Truth About You, author Mary M. Bauer's purpose is to invigorate you with an easy-to-read self-actualization experience. The book deconstructs over fifty "myth" statements that Bauer says have caused people who believe them to experience pain in their lives. One look at the table of contents is enough to grab anyone’s attention.
Bauer uses these myths as a vehicle to deliver information and encouragement to people in pain (financial, spiritual, physical, emotional). She declares we do not have to put up with poverty, disease, abuse, crises, or mediocrity. We can choose a different experience. Our actions are based on thoughts that we have put into words and then acted on, consciously or not, from one moment to the next, in a constant state of creative energy (as part of One Being with infinite creative force).
Everything we need for a peaceful, enjoyable life is already inside us; we have only to remember this is so. Eleven pages of themed questions follow the myths, to help guide readers toward identifying their purpose.

“Pain is a powerful motivator. Whether it is financial stress, emotional upheaval, or physical symptoms—all indicate something in our lives is not right and change is necessary. It is at these critical moments we are most willing to adopt new methods for healing. The Truth About You provides information we inherently know but have forgotten, for the express purpose of building (from the inside out) our world as we consciously desire it to be.” —Salle Redfield, executive producer, The Celestine Prophecy Movie and author Creating a Life of Joy

“The truth about you is that you are more magnificent and powerful than any limited assumptions, beliefs, or even judgments you may be holding about yourself. For beneath your outward caging facades of personality, you are a truly magnificent, powerful, inspired, and deeply meaningful being—capable of extraordinary accomplishments and social impacts. Your true nature is brilliant, ingenious, loving, and courageous. Imagine what would happen if you let yourself out from behind your limiting facades of powerlessness and allowed yourself to fly to ever greater heights once only dreamed of. By reading Mary Bauer’s The Truth About You, the cage door can now be opened.” — Dr. John F. Demartini, author, The Breakthrough Experience

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