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Nature as Teacher, Messenger, and Intermediary
by Rebecca A. Reynolds
ISBN: 978-0-9641089-2-9 / ISBN-10: 0-9641089-2-5, $21.95, hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-889242-01-9 / ISBN-10:1-889242-01-2, $18.95, 2 cassettes
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Bring Me the Ocean is a powerful collection of true stories that demonstrate the hope and renewal that can be found in interactions with the natural world. The stories arise from the traveling program Animals As Intermediaries (AAI), which visits hospitals and other closed-care institutions and brings animals, nature, and the arts to people who do not have ready access to the outdoors. The responses of the people to these gifts of nature are often surprising and deeply affecting. Striking photographs and thoughtful quotations add to the impact of this wonderful book.
"Reynolds's poignant essays, highlighted by photographs, share the healing gifts evoked by a segment of meadow or the sight, texture, and smell of the ocean."—Booklist

"The words speak volumes; the photographs shimmer with insight."The Book Reader

"A gift to all of us."—Robert Coles, M.D. and Pulitzer Prize–winning author

Parents' Choice Honors (for adult readers)
Benjamin Franklin Award in Psychology
Benjamin Franklin Award in New Age
Semi-Finalist in Skipping Stones Honor Award Program

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