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10 Do-Overs to Reawaken Your Spirit
by Ronda Beaman, EdD
ISBN: 978-1-889242-25-5 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-25-X, $14.95, paperback
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In mind, body, and spirit, explains Ronda Beaman, we are enabled by nature to remain youthful. “There is science beyond the physical body; there is a deeper, concurrent science of the soul that can be recovered and invigorated.” Benefit from the author’s approach that maximizes the youthful qualities inherent, but often hidden, in all of us.

Follow the AGE™ model to Act, Grow, and Evolve your true self while moving toward higher levels of wisdom and optimism.

Learn how OLD™ you really are, and investigate how the characteristics of your youth are the same ones you must use to recapture your youth. These lie in your forward Outlook, your inner Language, and your Drives to thrive.

With a basis in neoteny, or the “science of growing young,” Dr. Beaman provides surveys and checklists, meaningful quotations, diagrams, and an encouraging writing style to help you consider your own position about aging in order to youthen. Keep a Young Twice Chronicle for recording your thoughts, and enjoy ten inspiring “Do-Overs” along with many other activities for growing young—from the inside out. The Do-Overs focus on the following ten characteristics of youth: resilience, optimism, wonder, curiosity, joy, humor, music, work, play, and learning. In the final chapter there is a “do-always” and that is love. Ideas are provided in the book for falling in love again “with the innocence, hope, magic, and purity of your childlike self.”

“Dr. Beaman's book reminds us that it is our spirit, not our years, that moves us forward and earns us a priceless life.” —Catherine Ryan Hyde, author of eight books including Electric God and the international bestseller Pay It Forward

“I believe You’re Only Young Twice provides the wit and wisdom we have all been looking for in our quest for a longer, more meaningful life. We are never too old to play, laugh, learn, and love, and how grand to know how we can do it over again and again.” —Lili Fournier, producer/director and host of the award-winning PBS Quest specials

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