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How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Work
by Stanley E. Smith
ISBN: 978-0-9641089-7-4 / ISBN-10: 0-9641089-7-6, $17.95, hardcover
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The Sacred Rules of Management book cover

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This slim, serviceable reference champions balance in one’s life while it lays down the bare-bones rules for anyone to succeed at managing time, paper, and people. It’s a no-frills set of practical steps that work for both new and seasoned managers, and for people on their staffs. In this “downsized management manual,” the reasons behind the rules are shared along with the rules, making the book that much more useful, appreciated, and memorable.

“Smith provides invaluable basic training for managers in The Sacred Rules of Management. Read it, heed it, and become more effective.”—Ken Blanchard, Co-Author of The One Minute Manager

“… a highly recommended little book that distills powerful essentials into one compact reference. To get (and stay) in control of your time and your work, The Sacred Rules of Management will prove an indispensable guide.”The Midwest Book Review

“This is the perfect book for the back-to-basics movement in business strategy and management circles.”—Katherine T., Freelance Writer

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