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Natural Recipes for a Natural World
by Debra Stark
ISBN: 978-1-889242-15-6 / ISBN-10: 1-889242-15-2, $14.95, paperback
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Over 200 natural recipes with no ulterior motive. They are not fat-free, low-cal, or vegetarian–they're simply natural and delicious. And "natural" is the connection to the title island of Kallimos, an imaginary land where community life centers around what is natural and good. By marrying her natural food recipes with excerpts from Learning from Hannah (by William H. Thomas, MD), a visionary tale that takes place on Kallimos, Debra Stark offers her fans yet another avenue for living purposefully.

Section openers provide excerpts about Kallimos and recipe sections include Breakfasts, Appetizers, Breads, Soups, Salads, Bean and Grain Salads, Main Dishes (Pasta and Cheese, Bean and Grain, Poultry, and Seafood), Desserts, and Miscellaneous. Instructions are provided on cooking the natural way, and a comprehensive index is included.

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