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A Memoir
by Cathryn E. Smith
ISBN: 978-1-889242-17-X / ISBN-10: 1-889242-17-9, $22.95, hardcover
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The Glory Walk is more than a memoir about Cathryn E. Smith’s father. It is a multi-layered narrative that captures readers and propels them into the heart of a powerful story. Using an absorbing blend of creative styles and unusual imagery, Smith gives voice not only to each person in the story but also to the Alzheimer's disease that steals her father's life. Her distinctive writing style weaves prose, letters, conversations, poems, and music into an extraordinary literary experience that starts with fractured memories and ends with a life-affirming picture of one man's and one family's "glory walk."

“Smith grants her father the dignity of her memory. She arranges a collage—dreamscape, childhood memories, and more, even the imagined chaotic interior voice of the disease itself—into a tribute. It’s fascinating how we get to know this family…. Everyone comes alive. I hope this book gets the attention it deserves!”—Judith Kitchen, author, The House on Eccles Road

The Glory Walk will crush and rebuild your heart on each page. It is superbly written, vivid, achingly honest, with a plainness and vitality that can come only from genuine feeling.”—M. Garrett Bauman, author, Ideas and Details

“The ultimate power of [Smith’s] language is not just to recreate this dark side of the human experience, but it enables us to transcend the pain and horror to discover the beauty, the love, the worth of the struggle…. This power and beauty comes across through [Smith’s] original and striking use of language. It enables her and us to endure the most unendurable.” —Robert H. Herzog, Professor of English


A Book of the Year in Public Interest/Creative Works
(American Journal of Nursing)

Award Finalist in Aging/Death & Dying
(Independent Publisher Book Awards)

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