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Quick Publishing is the first publisher to use Lessac Technologies to create audio books of some of their titles. Lessac has developed a new automated method for producing near human quality expressive speech from plain text. The synthetic voice has been taught to recognize punctuation (such as question marks). That, along with other techniques, allow it to reproduce the natural rhythm and tone of a human voice.

So far the following Quick Publishing titles are available as audio books. You can hear samples of the audio and also order the books from Lessac Technologies by clicking this link.

From the Quick Publishing Main Site

Seeing Beyond the Wrinkles: Stories of Ageless Courage, Humor, and Faith
by Charles Tindell


From the Quick Publishing Imprint VanderWyk & Burnham

Hidden in Plain Sight: Getting to the Bottom of Puzzling Emotions
by Barry Grosskopf


Husbands and Wives All These Years: From Caring to Caretaking
by Lillian S. Hawthorne


Something's Not Right: One Family's Struggle with Learning Disabilities
by Nancy Lelewer


What Are Old People For?: How Elders Will Save the World
by William H. Thomas

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