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Hidden in Plain Sight
Getting to the Bottom of Puzzling Emotions
by Barry Grosskopf, M.D.


1 Life Stories
Making sense of our lives by taking another look at our life stories
2 Blind Spots
Overcoming the limitations of a self-centered perspective by imagining another person’s experience
3 Wounds
Why we can’t “just get over it”—or, psychobiology as the teacher
4 Unanswered Cries
The need for witness and consolation after bad things happen
5 Wars
How past wars affect our lives today
6 Sexual Abuse
The need to let others know in order to heal from childhood sexual abuse
7 Grief
Healing from loss by giving grief its due
8 Fallout
Survival reactions to dangers that are no longer there
9 Choosing to Grow
Growing beyond our families through mastery and reenactment
10 Honesty
Answering the question “Where are you?” and risking the truth
11 Coming Together
The healing union as a second chance to master trauma
12 Honoring Parents
Re-forming character and forgiving our parents
13 New Insights
Gently pursuing more information to read between the lines of our parents’ stories
14 Giving Care
Honoring parents and ourselves through final witness

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