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Something's Not Right
One Family's Struggle with Learning Disabilities
by Nancy Lelewer



A Poem on Learning Disabilities


My First Reading Test

Chapter 1

Brian's Introduction into the World

Chapter 2

Struggling with Chaos

Chapter 3

Invited, but Not Invited Back

Chapter 4

A Slap in the Face

Chapter 5

The Long, Hot Summer

Chapter 6

From the Frying Pan into the Fire

Chapter 7

Saying No to an Expert

Chapter 8

Learning Is Possible

Chapter 9

Beginning to Get Some Answers

Chapter 10

Kelly's Downhill Slide

Chapter 11

Games Give Brian Space and Time

Chapter 12

Struggling within the System

Chapter 13

The Right School Makes the Difference

Chapter 14

Penny Opens Up

Chapter 15

Getting to Twenty Years Later


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