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What Kids REALLY Want to Ask
Using Movies to Start Meaningful Conversations—A Guidebook for Parents and Children Ages 10 – 14
by Rhonda A. Richardson, PhD and A. Margaret Pevec, MA


Definitions and Diversity
Tips for Using This Book
Movies for the Themes
Communicating with Your Preteen
PART I: Inside the Family
Chapter 1 This Clan Is Our Clan: The Extended Family
Movie: Secondhand Lions
Chapter 2 Parents Are People, Too: Each Parent as an Individual
Movie: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Chapter 3 How It Began: Parents as a Couple
Movie (two-parent): Back to the Future
Movie (divorced): Mrs. Doubtfire
Chapter 4 Me, Myself, and I: Your Child’s Beginnings
Movie: Whale Rider
Chapter 5 Love Me Tender: Support and Conflict Between Parent and Child
Movie: Smoke Signals
Chapter 6 Roots and Wings: Trust and Responsibility Between Parent and Child
Movie: Bend It Like Beckham

PART II: The Larger World
Chapter 7 Everybody Needs a Friend: Peers and Friendships
Movie (for boys): Stand by Me
Movie (for girls): Now and Then
Chapter 8 What’s Love Got to Do with It? Romantic Relationships
Movie: The Man in the Moon
Chapter 9 Making the Grade: School
Movie: Akeelah and the Bee
Chapter 10 Nine to Five: Work
Movie: October Sky
Chapter 11 Looking to the Future: Adulthood
Movie: Real Women Have Curves
Chapter 12 Is This Just the Way It Is? Life
Movie: Pay It Forward
—450 Questions That Middle School Students Want to Ask Their Parents
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